Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shoe and accessories care and cleaning.

Cleaning and polishing your shoes / accessories is highly recommended to make them last longer.

In order to clean, nourish and condition the leather but also to cover stains and marks, Bally and Clarks have specialized products for every shoe / accessory type.
We specifically recommend Fine Leather Lotion and Shoe Cream from the brand Bally, as well as Shoe Cleaner and Shoe Cream with color from the brand Clarks.

To protect your shoes / accessories from water and stains, it is wise to use spray products like Aquastop(Bally) or Protector (Clarks).

For delicate materials, we suggest Bally’s Lac Polish and Clark’s Premium Leather Cream.

How to make the shoe fit perfectly.

To achieve a perfect fit or to add extra comfort, Bally and Clarks offer full length or ¾ insoles of the finest quality. Also, walking on high heels becomes easy with gel insoles that can be used for extra cushioning and shock absorption.

In case a shoe feels tight at any part of the foot, like the coup de pied or the leg, Nak offers a shoe stretching service using specialized stretching lasts.

Bridal Shoes – How to choose the ideal one!

Pumps, sandals or peep-toes? Your wedding requires a unique design to make you look fabulous with every step, peeping under your wedding dress.

If your dress is simple, you can compliment it with a stunning shoe with embroidery, bows or even metallic studs for a more daring look.
If you have chosen a short wedding dress the ideal shoe is the one with embellishment on the heel. If the dress is long, go for a pair of peep-toes.

If you have chosen an island for your wedding to take place, don’t forget to have a pair of comfortable wedges or espadrilles in pastel colors or even lace details.

Dare to avoid white by choosing sandals in bright color that you can match with details on the dress.

Whether it is a classic romantic appearance or a more edgy wedding look, the private label NAK shoes and the American brands Nina New York, Badgley Bischka and Steve Madden have the solution.

Comfortable shoes and how to choose one.

Some footwear companies invest in comfort, reinforcing their shoes with additional technologies that protect the feet and make walking easier.
More specifically, Clarks uses soft cushioned insoles that follow the natural curves of the foot and lightweight shock-absorbing soles.

Categories like: ACTIVE AIR, FLEXLIGHT, GORE-TEX, ROCK, ATSU MASSAGE FOOTBED, form the characteristics of every Clarks shoe fitting it to every need.

Moreover, Cole Haan uses Nike Air technology combining groundbreaking design with ultimate comfort.

How to choose the right shoes for your children.

It is a fact that children’s feet grow very quickly and attention should be paid so as to avoid injuries and achieve walking stability. When choosing kids shoes, the big toe should be at least 1cm far from the top of the shoe so that there is room for movement. Some shoes offer the option of a removable insole so that it can be used to measure the size.

The booties that cover the ankle offer extra support and walking stability. Infant shoes with an ankle strap that are high at the back also offer the same result. As far as the padded arch on the inside of the shoe is concerned, some pediatricians support it while others believe that the feet should be able to grow freely.

At BABY NAK stores we have an enormous a variety of shoes in terms of anatomy and designs for every kid.

The myth about heels!

Which heel should you choose? The one you like the most!
The myth that high heels increase the danger of myoskeletal problems is already taken down.
According to recent research, these problems are a result of a person’s life habits linked to smoking, standing all day and exercise.

A prolonged use of high-heeled shoes not only doesn’t hurt the body but it also strengthens the legs and increases feminity and confidence.

For extra ease, we advice you to take advantage of the latest fashion trends and choose a design with a platform front which decreases the angle of the foot and makes walking easier.

Where are NAK shoes made in?

In NAK shoes stores, besides the numerous international and well-known brands, we offer a big variety in NAK’s private label designs.

Our shoes are made in factories around Italy and Spain so that a higher quality in materials as well as advanced aesthetics is achieved.

NAK’s private label range offers shoes for women, men and children of every age.

Are the products in our e-shop the same as the ones in Nak shoes stores?

Certainly, the products in our e-shop are identical with the ones in our stores and they are constantly refreshed at the same pace.

Would I be able to buy a product online and have it sent as a gift to a friend of mine? 

Of course, you just need to put your friend’s details at “shipping information” and your own details at “billing information”. You can also add further information at “comments”.

NAK shoes offers free gift packaging for all the parcels.